Our Mission and Our Story

Our Mission

Msanii HOUS Fine Art brings you art that heals the soul. We feature all mediums by established and emerging artists globally. Our mission is to  amplify the stories that emerge from inspiration and showcase the true vision of what it means to be an artist

Our Founders Story

Missy & Gregg are the dream team that founded Msanii HOUS in 2019, driven by their passion to showcase emerging and established artists.

They believe that in order for artists to reach their highest potential, they must be free to tell the stories that inspire them.

Soon after the opening, the pandemic forced them to rethink what being gallery owners would look like during unprecedented times.

It was during this time that Msanii HOUS served the community by being a safe place for artists to not only showcase their work, but also share the source of their inspiration unapologetically. This partnership approach between gallerists and artists served to fill a gap that had been missing from the gallery-artist relationship.

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