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Artist Submissions

Msanii HOUS Fine Art is proudly host to a house of successful artists, enhancing the modern, dynamic, and creative environment of the gallery. Over 20 artists exhibit artworks at our exclusive gallery located in Carrollton, Texas. In addition, artworks from the artists that we promote are also exhibited through dozens of associate, high-level, Fine Art galleries across the globe and online.

At Msanii HOUS, we are constantly on the search for new talent and strive to broaden our artistic knowledge at every given opportunity. We are looking for artists to join the team that represent contemporary expression and convey an optimistic and colorful view of life. If you would like the opportunity to display your artwork alongside talented artists in an international Modern Art scene, please send us the following information:

  • Up to 10 images in jpeg format as an email attachment
  • A link to your portfolio (optional)

It is imperative that ALL of the above is sent to submissions@MsaniiHOUS.com.

Please note that we cannot accept works of art in their physical form, nor are we able to make studio visits or invite artists to our offices during the initial phase of the review. If we see the potential to develop further together and feel that our galleries are the correct platform to showcase your artwork, we will contact you regarding the necessary further steps. We will make further contact only if there is sufficient interest from a gallery director.

Please take into account the fact that we receive an overwhelming number of inquiries every day and will, therefore, only respond to those that follow the required application process, according to availability/ relevance.

If we choose not to move forward, it does not, of course say, anything about the quality of your art. We receive many requests on a daily basis and are unable to simultaneously work with all the artists that we love.

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