Don’t judge me because I got 3 kids by 3 different dudes
and one of them is my pimp. So what?
My children got here the same exact way yours did
I yelled and screamed for Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, and Mary Mother of Joseph every time I had a contraction just like you
And when it was time to push, I pushed so hard I shat
No shame in my game I wanted that baby out of me stat
When they laid my babies on my chest I instantly fell in love with each and every one of them
I breastfed them all until they bit me the first time
and every night I read them their favorite stories at bedtime
The only difference between me and you is where our money comes from
You might be the sophisticated symphony but I’m soulfully savage
However, we are both the type of woman you go to war beside…not against
I do what I gotta do to make it happen.
Don’t you?

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Missy Burton

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I Am Woman

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