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“Face Blackness”

As a black artist it is my intent to create work that inspires dialogue concerning the various aspects of the Black experience in America. The work that I produce is a visual observation of the injustices, struggles and triumphs of the African American as it spans from the Jim Crow era of segregation to our present day journey to attain the “American Dream”.

Through the use of stylized characters juxtaposed between black and white imagery, the style that I affectionately call my “Faceblackness style” came into existence. “Faceblackness” attempts to take derogatory minstrel show or “black face” style imagery, and flip its demeaning intent in an effort to humanize a once dehumanized group of people. In other words, “Face Our Blackness”.

It is my hope that my work fosters an awareness of the various aspects of our existence, experience and powerful legacy as Black people in America.

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Michael E. Johnson


(h w d): 22 x 18 in

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(h w d): 20 x 16 in


Ink On Paper

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