They Are Consumed



The way I feel about who I am on the inside does not always match up with who I actually am. If this is true then we can assume that this occurrence is true for other people. Introspection is key to building an honest self and relationships or connections where you present your most authentic self. If an individual doesn’t start with self then your ideologies will fade into “They”. The personification of what “Me” means then finds itself feeling separated in this conundrum as I am unimportant. “Houston we have a problem.” You find yourself smack down in the middle of “Me” versus “They” because “Self” is consumed into this nebulous idea that I don’t have to think about myself and I don’t have to think about what is lacking or needed to make myself feel accepted. What a false narrative to the robust acclimation to confidence that is set aside so that one feels more comfortable in the midst of “They”. In this thought, Comfort can then be dangerous. Absolutely missed is the power of the individual’s contribution to the protection of humanity. “They” made “Me” this way. No, You got distracted and lost You and fell into a sedentary comfort with They. They will consume you. They will kill your thought of wrong and right. They will kill an ideology. They will kill your vision. They will kill your individuality. They will cause you to join a movement you don’t understand. Just Stop It. Get back to You. Get back to your inner monitor between wrong and right. Not what that They think is wrong or right. They don’t even know who they are. It’s imperative that the universal we acknowledge individuality behind each other’s thoughts and ideas about their decisions. If you have to compromise your individuality to fit into They then walk away. This act will shed light on the importance and necessity of contribution that will in time alleviate the notion of I’m not enough to alleviate the pain of the Me versus They syndrome and even acknowledge ideas like ghettos have beauty too.

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Amy Daniels


(h w d): 40 x 30 in


Acrylic On Canvas

Subject Matter

Political, Abstract


Mixed Media

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Custom frame